Become a Maydays Sponsor!

How Can We Help? Each year, the vast majority of our fundraising funds come from the auctions that we are able to hold due to the overwhelming generosity of our sponsors. Digital RPG products, VTT licenses, special organized play item certificates, limited edition physical books, mentoring sessions, exclusive games, handmade items, and so much moreContinue reading “Become a Maydays Sponsor!”

2021 Maydays Tenday Online Charity Con

General Registration opens April 16th, with early registration April 9th Maydays is a collaboration between the teams from Save Vs. Hunger and D8 Summit Charities along with talented online event coordinators Noah Grand and Shawn Banerjee. To get the event page, click here.To join our Discord server, click here. Multiple Ways to Play The Maydays Tenday Event organizes gameplayContinue reading “2021 Maydays Tenday Online Charity Con”