2021 Maydays Tenday Online Charity Con

General Registration opens April 16th, with early registration April 9th

Maydays is a collaboration between the teams from Save Vs. Hunger and D8 Summit Charities along with talented online event coordinators Noah Grand and Shawn Banerjee.

To get the event page, click here.
To join our Discord server, click here.

Multiple Ways to Play

The Maydays Tenday Event organizes gameplay using several popular software options for tabletop role-playing games. You can learn more about popular options here.

In addition, players may choose to donate to Maydays Tenday by playing one of our events at our charity partner Start Playing Games. Games will be offered there over the length of our event, and those with the Maydays Badge benefit our charity causes 100%.


This event spans 10 days, and event times are set in Greenwich Time Zone (GMT). A handy GMT converter can be found here.

Diversity at the Forefront

Multiple games, multiple virtual tabletops (VTTs), and multiple languages (as the Gamemaster is able) will be supported. The play areas will remain safe spaces and fun spaces for all attendees (see our Code of Conduct).

The Causes

Proceeds from this event will benefit quality local charities including food banks, homeless shelters, and more. Our primary charities for 2021 are the Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee and the Illnois Valley PADS.

Players and Gamemasters may choose to donate via ticket costs and “reroll tickets.” In addition, rooms in Discord will be dedicated to special purchases and auctions for exclusive swag benefiting participating charities.

The organizing group for this fundraiser, D8 Summit Charities Incorporated, is a recognized 501c3 charity, and purchases through this website may be tax deductible in accordance with the laws where you reside.

Want to Volunteer?

Click here to find out more!


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