Become a Maydays Sponsor!

How Can We Help?

Each year, the vast majority of our fundraising funds come from the auctions that we are able to hold due to the overwhelming generosity of our sponsors. Digital RPG products, VTT licenses, special organized play item certificates, limited edition physical books, mentoring sessions, exclusive games, handmade items, and so much more can be found in our auctions.

In addition to our auction, sponsors can also donate rewards to be designated towards our volunteer game masters who pour their heart and soul into the games that they run for us.

If you have a company that is in the TTRPG industry and you are interested in working with us to provide something, no matter how big or small, to help out with our event, you can reach us by email at with details on how you want to help. Please let us know your company name and website, provide a logo that we can put on our event page and website, and provide details and photos (when applicable) of what you are wanting to donate as a sponsor.

What is Maydays?

Maydays is a collaboration between the teams from Save Vs. Hunger and D8 Summit Charities and several talented online event coordinators.

This event spans 10 days, with events offered nonstop during that span and charity auctions and reroll tickets available throughout the event.

Diversity at the Forefront

Multiple games, multiple virtual tabletops (VTTs), and multiple languages (as the Gamemaster is able) will be supported. The play areas will remain safe spaces and fun spaces for all attendees (see our Code of Conduct).

The Causes

Proceeds from this event will benefit quality local charities including food banks, homeless shelters, and more. Our primary charities for 2021 are the Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee and the Illnois Valley PADS.

Players and Gamemasters may choose to donate via ticket costs and “reroll tickets.” In addition, rooms in Discord will be dedicated to special purchases and auctions for exclusive swag benefiting participating charities.

The organizing group for this fundraiser, D8 Summit Charities Incorporated, is a recognized 501c3 charity, and purchases through this event may be tax deductible in accordance with the laws where you reside.

Want to Volunteer Instead?

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