Board Members

J. Connor Self (he/him)

Jonathan Connor Self is a mental health therapist, charity organizer, and dog dad who has been a fan of the cynical Dr McCoy since before he can remember. Connor has over 30 appearances and creations to his credit. He contributed content to Wizards of the Coast for their organized play campaign, appeared on numerous streams, is a top-rated Dungeon Master on Start Playing Games, and is the President of the gamer charity D8 Summit Charities. Links to his work can be found at:

Thaddeus Meizelis (he/him)

Thaddeus Meizelis (or Tad) is embedded software developer, a Scout leader, and a dad. He lives in Sycamore, IL with his wife and two kids. Tad has played many games in the past such as Rolemaster, FASA’s Star Trek Role Playing Game, and Magic: The Gathering. However, he doesn’t get to play as many RPGs as he used to due to time constraints.  However, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t play games. On a slow saturday night, he likes to play games such as A House Divided or Chess with his son Brent. Brent hasn’t beaten Tad at Chess yet, but he has gotten very close.

Nic Tollefson (he/him)

Nic lives in Georgia currently, though he is originally from South Dakota, and has lived in a variety of places over the years. He enjoys gaming of all kinds (video games, tabletop roleplaying games, miniatures, and board games), but says that he can be considered good at any of them for the last 30 years. He is married to the lovely Kate, with whom he shares 2 cats.

Volunteer Board

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